Arclinea was founded in 1816 by the Fortuna family. Following an interruption by WWI, it was re-established in 1925 as an artisan laboratory specializing in wood-working; evolving into series production of kitchen furnishings. Today, Arclinea is the leading kitchen cabinet manufacturer in Italy with world-wide presence and recognition.

For 30 years, renowned architect Antonio Citerrio has been the sole designer for Arclinea, coordinating the collection, image, and evolution of its products and brand. Citterio continually rethinks elements for the residential kitchen, often in collaboration with professional chefs, to realize innovative solutions aiming to improve quality of life for the homeowner. 



Our products are driven by their commitment to the environment, using high quality materials that are manufactured using sustainable practices and measures. All of our products are built to last, reducing overall environmental footprint and waste. 


 • Uses panels fabricated from 100% recycled and regenerated wood that are water resistant, non-deformable, and more durable than normal wood products.

• Teak and oak veneers harvested from fully managed and sustainable forests.

• Utilizes non-toxic, water-based paints and lacquers that are free from heavy metals, resulting in a cleaner manufacturing process that is in full compliance of local and global environmental legislation.

• Recycling scrap material as fuel for cabinet production, and uses a state-of-the-art electrostatic precipitator (ESP) system to efficiently de-dust flue gases.


• 6000 square miles and 1380 modules of PV (Solar panels) to reduce their reliance on traditional energy sources, producing 227,000 kwh of clean energy per year

• 50% reduced consumption in electric energy and 40% reduction in consumption of methane gas.


 • ANVER certified low impact environmental water-based paints that are applied in a factory that utilizes MOS® technology.



Family owned Cierre has been shaped by the craftspeople belonging to a proud heritage of Italian tradition. The family is actively involved in every aspect of the business, from materials selection, operations and fabrication, to design and presence throughout the world. Always influenced by the history of their handicraft tradition, and with rigorous attention to detail and quality, Cierre is future focused and strives to create icons of contemporary life through their furniture design. Specializing in handmade sofas, sectionals, armchairs, and chairs, Cierre designs are offered in a wide range of leathers and fabrics. 



Since 1902, MisuraEmme designs are original Italian creations; the result of a collaboration of the best designers and experienced craftspeople. The generations-old family owned and operated company combines tradition with innovative design solutions in tune with different international requirements. From selecting first-class materials for high-quality exclusive designs, MisuraEmme applies its collective experience and know-how to support their well-rounded collection of furniture, closets, and wall systems.