2018 Salone Milano


Arclinea has timed opening of its new Flagship Store to coincide with
Milan Design Week 2018. At number 7, Via Durini, the store will be revealing
all the latest additions to the Collection designed by Antonio Citterio.

In the world’s most famous design street, this new Arclinea Flagship Store
dialogues with its uniqueness, thanks to projects that enhance the
architectural aspect of interiors and emphasise the kitchens and product
details. The contemporary mood of this 450 m² store sits beautifully
with the historic building that houses it, while the six kitchens on
display reveal all the exclusiveness of the Arclinea Collection,
with new criteria of use and unprecedented product applications.

At the back of the showroom, a large, fully functional kitchen is perfect
for shared experiences. Right here, in what for so many years was a
famous restaurant, Arclinea once again intends to make this store not
only an exclusive design centre, but also somewhere for the spreading
of a new culture of food.

The Sample Room adjacent to the working kitchen is dedicated to
kitchen design and is where clients, architects, and operators can get
a close look at materials, finishes and details in the Collection.

Via Durini 7 is an open space: it is the “Arclinea home” in Milan,
looking out on the world.

Arclinea Introduces New Steelia Collection

Arclinea presents STEELIA, the evolution of use of steel in the kitchen, with its usual refined, complete communication comprising high-impact documentation that sums up the reasons underlying adoption of a unique high-tech surface-coating process known as Physical Vapor Deposition or PVD, particularly suitable for designing personalized kitchens with a high aesthetic and functional content.

 Similarly to ideas, matter has its own genesis. However, very often, ideas imbue matter with new meaning, transforming it into the protagonist of unique original stories. As in the case of Arclinea who, in the Sixties, turned STAINLESS STEEL into the surprising star of kitchen worktops, followed in 1988 by “Italia” designed by Antonio Citterio, which introduced this material for the first time into people’s homes with dimensions, spaces and uses until then the exclusive reserve of professional and catering environments.

Today, STEELIA is the idea that reconfigures the use of matter, reconfirming Arclinea’s decision to use steel, specifically selected for its durability, functionality and hygiene, as one of the exemplary materials of its unique, original style. The original STAINLESS STEEL archetype is now accompanied by three new PVD surfaces: three colour palettes that enrich the kitchen environment with warmth, tactile pleasure and refined beauty.

PVD coating is an innovative technology in the creation of coloured stainless steel through titanium ion plating which, in addition to colouring the steel, makes this much harder, improving wear, scratch and corrosion resistance. An eco-friendly process that guarantees complete safety in contact with food.
With STEELIA – in its BLACK, BRONZE and CHAMPAGNE colour variations – ARCLINEA brings new emotion to the kitchen in which the refinement and resistance of STEELIA blend seamlessly with the beauty of natural wood and stone to offer unique, extraordinary combinations. Elegance, functionality, warmth and colour that renew the promise of an inimitable experience.



Arclinea is the winner of the prestigious Interior Design Best of Year 2015 International Award with ITALIA PVD CHAMPAGNE, for the category “Kitchen/Cabinetry”. The ceremony took place Thursday 3rd December at the IAC Building New York.

This great news comes to the conclusion of a truly extraordinary year for Arclinea, when the company celebrates its ninetieth anniversary. It was characterized by very important events, such as the openings of new flagship stores in the world (Hong Kong, Dubai ...), new cooking schools, the inauguration of the new factory showroom with presentations to the dealers and the press, the Harpers Bazar Interior Design Award as “Best Kitchen Brand” in October, the introduction of three new and exclusive PVD finishes (STEELIA), that enabled the company to win the “Interior Design Best of Year”.


Three new PVD surfaces (Champagne, Bronze, Black) join the stainless steel archetype: three worlds of colour enrich the kitchen environment with warmth, tactile pleasure and refined beauty. PVD is the treatment which uses a special technology to fix colour in steel by means of the evaporation of titanium molecules (Physical Vapour Deposition). As well as conferring a tonality, the treatment gives steel greater hardness and resistance to wear (friction and corrosion). An eco-friendly process that guarantees complete safety in contact with foodstuffs.